Seven Seas Maritime Limited

Seven Seas Maritime Limited

Seven Seas Maritime Limited

Leading Marine consulting Engineer & Surveyor

Seven seas have played an important role throughput the history as a means of global Marine Solution For Different Survey & Maritime Business solution . Seven Seas Maritime takes pride for being a part of the shipping world. Being established in the year 2019, Seven Seas Maritime has grown over the years into a reliable company providing various maritime services to global shipping fraternity at Chittagong & Mongla port and other Bangladesh ports. The company after making a humble beginning, progressed over the last few years to grow into an established company with its unceasing search for excellence in this specialized shipping field operated By Experienced Master Mariner & Qualified Naval Architects

We Offer various type’s Inspection Services in Bangladesh Like

Draft Survey


LPG\LNG Survey

Damage Survey

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Condition Survey

Discharging Supervision

Tally survey​

Valuation \Estimation

Cargo Inspection

Part Cargo Quantifications

We are generally appointed By Suppliers , Mining, Insurance Company, Receivers, Local Importer, P & I Club & Carriers. We Care your Commodities (Marketing \Draft survey \Discharging Supervision)

We Care and Provide our Best Professional Service to make your Business hassle free In Bangladesh.

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